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Dr. Xanders and Dr. Isotope attempt to recruit vaudevillian actress Evelyn Ceriwyn to The Order of The Horizon, for only she holds the key to… THE ORBS.
March 1, 2011
The Red Baron steals the orbs, sending Henry and Evelyn on a dangerous mission into the heart of Germany.
March 15, 2011
Evelyn and Henry discover the secret entrance to a secret German base that is brimming with, er, secrets!
March 29, 2011
The thrilling conclusion of season 1 of 1918 – in which all major characters are killed off and all loose ends neatly tied up!
April 12, 2011
Perry Whittle With the help of a 911 operator (Heather Lee Rogers), Amy (Jennifer O’Donnell) must find her way out of a China shop occupied by a bull (John Bell). Features PGLorusso. Directed by Sa...
April 17, 2013
by Monique Boudreau When an ancient Xipe curse is released in the Archaeology lab, Ryan (Mike Racioppa) & Dr. Miller (David Ault) must contain it to prevent an apocalyptic outbreak on campus. Fea...
April 17, 2013
Michel Entler Vanessa (Christianne Greiert) is tempted by Satan (Mike Racioppa) and won’t accept Jesus (Cayenne Chris Conroy) into her heart. May contain objectionable material. Directed by Samanth...
April 17, 2013
Perry Whittle A princess (Linda Mason) contacts a ghostwriter (Matthew J Boudreau) known for his unusual success to write her story. However, the cost of success may be a little too high for her liki...
April 17, 2013
Written by Matthew J Boudreau When Karl (PG Lorusso) gives up his appointed quest to chase after the Muffin Girl (Carolyn Lansom) from the local coffee shop, three prophets, Zoe (Sophia Howes), Morgan...
September 2, 2017
James Comtois Alex Ericcson (Nat Angstrom) is checked into a New England Hospital after a major car accident. His accommodations are not so state of the art and there is something… off about his fel...
September 4, 2017

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